There are few things truly satisfying in this world. To be sure, satisfaction comes in different forms for different people. Its doesn't even keep a consistent form throughout the life of one person. For instance, in college I used to drive past 5 coffee house to get to my favorite one. I would order a large "Mint Condition" consisting of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and mint syrup. This was truly satisfying. I savored every last drop. And then one day...nothing. It just didn't do it for me anymore. I am content but not thrilled with a regular cup of joe. Occasionally an album will come out that will hold me over to till I see the Dia at Beacon for the first time, encounter my first flasher or wake up early.
I think even when you pine for something and finally, after pouring all your time, thoughts and energy into this thing, finally you obtain it, that its not half as satisfying as the process was to get there. So then maybe its the search that's holding on to all the satisfaction.
In my search for this thing I found Marian Bantjes, my new design crush.

Thanks to HugeRash for the heads-up

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