I Juanna Discuss This Passion/Fallon Bit Again

Jason put me on to this The Hundreds post. Which is good blog. Bookmark. Anyway, if you have a second read it because its thoughtful.
So basically there are clames of Passion ripping off Kozyndan. But then did Kozyndan rip off Magleby who ripped off Hokusai....who ripped off mother earth!? And now I will rip off The Hundreds image links.The answer is yes, in so many words, they all ripped each other off-were inspired by one another. The new question is at what level does the definition of "ripping off" start or stop? I will say it would have been nice of Passion/Fallon to share the wealth on this one. Oh! I almost forgot, The Hundred also points out that David Letterman had already filmed bouncey balls on San Fran streets. Lastly said blog directs us to a Harper's articles on bitting and ripping. I say if something inspires you enough to mimick it then it should be enough for you to graciously give credit....or admit that you're a talentless jerk :D


hugerash said...

well done!

Jeannie said...

good post. i can't help but think that kozyndan was an homage to magleby and hosukai at the same time - at least that's what i assumed when i first saw it. it's like when banksy uses the mona lisa. but something about selling televsions makes me feel like sony's version is a rip off. :/

daria said...

great post! I interviewed Jonathan Lethem (the Harper's article)...very interesting guy