Masculin, Feminin

Another great Santi pick, Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin, Feminin, 15 Fatis Precis. One of these precise facts being, "This film could be called The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola." I won't repeat the informative wiki entry but I will profess my love for non sequiturs in films. (I'm sure this would follow true with books as well if any one cares to make some recommendations.) Its a low budget black and white film with gorgeous young things working through thoughts on love, sex, politics and individual ambitions. And these non sequiturs, these tangents... well Santi suggested that they were to remind us that we were watching a film and with the medium comes the freedom in conduct. I also think maybe each of these odd vignettes explores a philosophy of fate or living...this thought isn't quite complete ...Tell me what you think if you watch it.

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