Daily Dribble In My Mind

Convo with my Dad-Tuesday 10:30PM:
ring ring
Dad: Hey pumkin
Me: Hey Deddy. How are you?
D: I'm just sittin' here finishing up a little work. In Lousy-Anna for business. Bo-o-o-oy, this place looks bad. What's goin' on in the bi-i-i-ig N-Y-C?
Me: Nothing. Finishing up some freelance. Oh my gah! I am turning into you!
D: Yup. So. How are your tomatoes doing?
Me: Eh. I think the time has come to plant something new. Not well, really. No tomatoes. A few still standing. The seasons coming to an end anyway right?
D: The important thing is to just keep trying.
Me: Word.
D: Huh?
Me: Nothing

Ben Hopson:

This guy has put together some pretty interesting thoughts on zero gravity and dependent movement. Not to mention, he's got the will to explore his ideas! So tedious. Check him out and thanks to Newsday.com for the link

The Day The Type Stood Chill:

So, I was poking around on YouTube(shocking), looking for something to watch. What I found was amazing title credits in The Day The Earth Stood Still
I can't be too sure if I love the black and white approach for nostalgia reasons or that its a pleasant change from the saturate CMYK-circus in which I live. I don't believe its nostagia, for one, it wouldn't be my own. Most movies, even in my toddling days, where in color. While I was sat in front many o' Hitchcock movie throughout my youth, at the time, I was sure this was my mother cruel method of punishment for any future transgression. Anyway, if these title credits were done today, I am quite positive that we would be subjected to lightspeed travel and zip-zapping, 3-D pludering type.
Here, the type is a simple suggestion: Hovering, protruding towards the viewer in a still, galactic setting. Foreboding, but not giving it all away.


Jeannie said...

this post is chock full of knowledge. thanks for brightening my day!

bean said...

nostalgia aint what it used to be.