How Catcalls Evolve

So, I left my apartment this morning with a quick pace. I was running late. There were two young boys ahead of me but I was coming up on them quick. I had plenty of room to pass on the left and started to but just then the one on the left step out of the walking pattern he was keeping. He was laughing with his friend and kinda gyrating around, as kids will do; as people will do. I decided I would hang back and wait until we got to the corner to move around them. However, the kid had already noticed me and my motives. Next we proceeded to do a little I-am-trying-my-best-to-move-around-you dance. He moved away from his friend to let me pass, I guess I hesitated so he jerked closer to his friend and away from the street but then I almost walked into him. I am not sure how long this went on but when I finally passed between them I realized 1)that I would have preferred to just wait for the easy pass at the corner- I wasn't in that big of a hurry. I am just a fast walker in general. 2)My dancing partner was about 11 yrs. old and feeling weird about what was happening. So I say 'excuse me' and continue on. I am only 15 paces in front of them when I hear a juicy, mouth-made fart. I chuckle and swing around. 'Was that for me?' The kid gives me a slo-mo head shake with "huh?" barely audible. So, I give him my best I'm-just-messing-with-you grin and repeat my question. His mouth finally finds the word "no." 'Yea, I didn't think so.' I smiled and turned to continue walking. If only I could have handled these boys when I was their age! There is no way though. The farting noise aimed at me would have crushed my spirit for the whole day. Only 5 steps later and I hear another little fart noise...more of a poot really. 'I heard that!' I declared with my finger pointed towards the sky but didn't look back. The boys giggled and let out a few more of which I critique. 'mmm, that wasn't even a good one.' Then the fart noises turned into intelligible shouts. And then whistles. Wouldn't you know it, I was no more than 25 paces away from the fart noises when I was catcalled by 11 yr. olds. "aaaaaaouuuu!" *flirty whistles*

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