A Gripping Tale: Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Ok so the mongoose has got a bigger mouth and has taken an offensive posture. Good for you guy. Now scram! What are you thinking?! That thing has got collapsible poison-panels.
Here we go...I hope this is what you really want. He is an inch from your neck. You do have to respect Mr. Mongoose's all-in, committed approach. "AaaaaaaaaaahI-love-you-mo-o-o-omahhhhh!"

No way.

Um, did someone just order a can of whoop ass? Yeaaah! Mongoose!


Jeannie said...

WTF! I'm blown away and traumatized.

Gina Kay said...

I know, right!?

bean said...

that is fucking AWESOME! question, though: are we positive that, with poison running through the cobra's body, that the mongoose doesn't then die from eating his head? im assuming the mongoose is fine, im just asking.

also, i would like to see mongoose vs. wolverine