He-e-e-ey Mr. Shoe Repair Man, Play A Song For Me

I like my shoe repair guy because he, rightfully, gives me a hard time if I forget my ticket and because he has two cats. The shop, itself, is tiny and narrow. I have stood inside uncomfortably waiting with three other people and considered stepping out until he emerged with my shoes. Busy or not, this guy is always listening to music. The music is in another language and very soothing. You can tell that he is listening even when he is handling customers. He has even inquired about my ear-encompassing headphones before: Is the sound quality good? What brand? How much did I pay? Where did I get them? He needs something to drown out the television at home.
Anyway, I went to pick up my black flats that I almost destroyed for the second time. It was drizzling that morning and as I walked towards the shop I saw him leaning outside the doorway with a far-away look in his eye. He sees me and walks in. He was already in the back reaching for my shoes when I entered. 'Awe! He remembered me...' I forget what we were chatting about while he was ringing me up but the subject turned to the music playing.
"I play this music."
"Oh, really?" I reply. "I play the clarinet. Hold on....." He perked up and went to the back again. After seating himself behind the counter, he assemble the clarinet and began to play with the music. He's a little out of tune and explains the song is difficult. To the back again for a new song! Though the few bars were soft and uncertain, Uriel and I were both pleased. Business is slow and he planned to practice all day.


Jeannie said...

and, on top of it all, he's a looker!

bean said...

im sorry, but he sounds like this dude.

Gina Kay said...

um...but he is real and he doesn't have the stache anymore.