Oh I'll Keep You Company

6:oo Begin staring at my phone
6:15 'Its weird because usually if I... at least I feel like I have willed things to happen with enough concentration. The collective unconscious... Chill out. Read a few blogs. I hate the web.'
6:20 Ring ring. Answering machine. "Hi! My name is Gina Whitt. I was suppose to get a phone call at 6 concerning my question about "keep you company". Uh so yeah just checking. My name is Gina... again. un MY NUMBER is 7-1-8-Niiiiiiinnnne-3-0-2-8tt-6-4. ok thanks."

Ack. I finally received a call at 6:30 explaining they were running late, blah blah.

If you are just now joining me, then you should know that I was expecting a phone call from Hosts Martha & Grant at KPBS' A Way With Worlds. They were calling me so that we could discuss my questions on the phrase "Keep you company".
You see, the word "company" is in a unique position. Is it a noun? Is it a verb? C seems to think it should be referred to as a adjective. Another good point, brought to my attention by jason, is that any word that describes a "state on being" can replace the word "company". ei. "Can I keep you dancing?", "Can I keep you warm?" or "Can I keep you safe?"

Anyway, I finally get on the phone with Martha & Grant, who are just delightful! I was so excited slash nervous and sooo trying to keep my composure. I should let you know upfront that I have no idea when and if my convo will air. But you can bet your shorts that I will let you know when I find out.
While they didn't end up defining what kind of word "company" is in that particular situation, Martha did give me scoop on the word "company", itself.
1. It comes from the idea-turned-phrase "to break bread with". You break bread with someone you know well or want to know better. Comer= eat Pan=bread y
2. The bible uses the word to suggest sexual relations ie. "Beware the company you keep..."
3. Not surpringly, the southern term "company keeper" means a person that you are intimate with yet not married to.


bean said...

great photo. of you. not haggard. though he looks great too. i think you should be allowed to call back and chat every week, until grant and martha actually answer the question!

Jeannie said...

that's a great photo of you.
i thought at first you were about to wolf a big heaping of meringue. but that's paper.

Gina Kay said...

Awe. Thanks folks. I am imitating Martha, my word idol.