Dress Me In Polish Interpretation And Call Me Interesting

So if I haven't mentioned this already,
Hollywood gets on my nerves for two reasons.

  • Why do we(society) make such a big deal over actors, actresses and athletes? I mean, yes, they are fun and amazing at times but really... they are not making discoveries or saving lives or teaching the future about making discoveries or saving lives. Look I know that I am not either, but my point is that there is a lack of balance in our idolizing that is a little concerning.
  • Hating Hollywood is my laziness cover-up. I can't freakin' keep up. I can't remember all their names and hairstyles. Oh... the skinny girl in the photo where she's holding the latte. She is the one in that movie where she falls in love with that hot guy and there is that funny scene where everything goes wrong. Oh right. that girl...
To the point! You can imagine my satisfaction when I saw these Polish posters for well know Hollywood films. There is no corporate bs and no air brushed acting people... there is also little reference to the movies themselves. Amusing and indulgent for the poster's designer:

from left to right, top to bottom:
Godzilla, Gremlins, Greystroke, Howard the Duck, Cabaret, Rosemary's Baby, Weekend at Bernie's and Young Guns

This poster for the Muppets Do Hollywood is so Gonzo! It looks like a Ralph Steadman illustration in Macromedia Flash(sorry about the comp. program reference. Flash produces a certain look to illustrations..)
There should be another muppet movie called Gonzo does Gonzo.

Thanks to Hyun for the heads up.


Jeannie said...

this is awesome

Jeannie said...

and i think you mean hilary duff.