A mí el invierno me cae muy divertido.

I left class last night and walked icey sidewalks to a friend's for wine and conversation. On my way home I picked up a container of mixed nuts to counterbalance to lack of dinner and 3 glasses of wine. Alas the nuts were too late. This is what I thought as I watched them explode into the air in front of me. In these moments you really have time to consider everything. For example I really like my choice of flats this year but today was really the wrong day to wear them. I should consider checking the weather in the morning from now on. At least I am werearing my army fatigue pants and not a skirt or my "nice" jeans. You will have to trust me when I say there is a bruse.
Anyway I learned a new expression in spanish class last night which is illustrated in the title. You know how in english we say " I don't know what it is but she just sits well with me. "? Its almost like I have eaten and digested the woman and decided that she doesn't give me heartburn. Well in spanish you have to option of "falling" be it good or bad for someone. I love the intagible in both expressions. They reliquish responsibiliy as if something stronger that them were deciding the compatibility with the other person.
Title translation: To me the winter falls to me very amused.
Title interpretation: The winter sits funny with me.
(yes I know it sounds awkward in either language.)

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