Finding Myself

Today I found myself in a meeting with a writer taking notes on my verizon wireless bill whose signature red and black colors had melted like water colors into the math. I was writing on the bill because, in the excitement of leaving my office to meet in Starbucks(which, at any other time I would have refused) I completely forgot all the notes I had taken last, at home on the brief in which we were meeting about, let alone, a notebook . The bill was wet because yesterday morning I treated myself to fancy water, a Perrier, of which I am clearly not accustom to closing since the entire contents of the bottle ended up in my bag thusly deading my cell phone and threatening my passport, now, my only photo id since I managed to loose my driver's license last weekend somewhere after the security check but before boarding the plane. I think I actually broke up with a guy when I was 19 who had similar experiences insisting that he was being immature.

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