Dumb Moments

The BBC reports on Fortune magazine's "101 Dumb Moments in Business"
Sony's use of Manchester Cathedral as the backdrop to a violent game. Sony thought it had permission to use the building for its game. The gaffe was picked at number 63 by the US publication in its list of "the dumbest of the dumb" occurrences. Sony apologised to the Church of England for using the cathedral as a backdrop to "Resistance: Fall of Man".

Fortune put the recall of millions of Chinese-made toys because of paint fears at the top of the list.

In second spot was Eli Lilly's move to put Prozac into chewable, beef-flavoured pills "to treat separation anxiety in dogs".

And in third place was Leona "only little people pay taxes" Helmsley's decision to leave $12m to her dog in her will.

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