Weekend: Helen, Georgia Continued

We had two visitors to the ranch who were kind enough to let us pet and feed them.

No ass can resist my father's charmThis is a female pot belly pig.
Cherokee burial mount. If I remeber correctly, a young couple was buried here.


Jeannie said...

oh my. oh my.
if that whole series of the donkey with your dad isn't the best thing i've seen in ages...

omg it's so sweet.

and that pig needs a hug from me right now.

Anonymous said...

therre ain't nothin' like it, darlin'. i's goin' get me some o' them theres fixins when i's get back down south real soon, ya hear now?

Gina Kay said...

I will say its scary to be around them. you start noticing their teeth and their neck muscles and think ... they could really do some damage but both the pig and the donkey were sweet as can be! we fed them apples.