Hi Ho Silver!

I am headed west for fun, friends and adventure! Well...my one high school friend in Oregon at least. If the snow melts then we will go mushroom hunting (no, not the psychedelic kind...gross), hiking and canoeing.
I am glad that you all have taken an interest in my resilient cucumber. So, instead of posting a photo, I am extending an open invitation (*at my new apt*) for viewing. You may also want to see the wrinklely tomato and red pepper in the Frigidaire ....colbs

Also a snippit from Robert Sapolsky's lecture on Stress and Coping: What Baboons Can Teach Us: "...we spend our time to making up idiotic social stressors and falling for it..."

For your viewing pleasure....


Jeannie said...

is that someone random? charlize theron?

Gina Kay said...

She is a plastic guess model...random indeed. I just like the pretty dots