Missing You

First of all, I miss sleep as I did not see her last night do to some freelance. Second of all, I will be missing my permi-cucumber. It was my fault really. In a design-induced stupor I went to shut the window and it just happened; permi-cuc fell four stories to the icky ally. I mean, it was outside on the ledge and I was inside...I just don’t know...
To the point: I am going to be missing Georgia.

I leave today to see my brother graduate from college. The whole family will be there and it will probably be the last time we all meet in the sweet peach state. My parents are moving to Florida in a matter of months and my brother will head to Virginia in the fall. I guess I didn’t ever consider most of my family not living in my hometown. I mean, I certainly left without flinching *sigh* I do have a few friends in Atlanta and Athens that I will visit...

I will miss the cow pasture that runs right up to a McDonald’s. It’s right off of 124 about a quarter mile the YMCA where I had tennis camp, half a mile from my Montessori School and five miles from the spot where Larry Flint was shot. I already miss my college radio station Album 88, Movies Worth Seeing (an impeccable movie rental store with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, Eats (where you can get healthy portions of broccoli, a sweet potato and couscous for 3 bucks and change), the thrift stores, caribou coffee, the Earl(bar), Doc Chey’s OOH! and Criminal Record(again, extremely friendly and knowledge staff).
OK... take it away Willie


bean said...

beautiful song, and i think the nelson version is indeed the best.

i think you should drive around your town also listening to the boss's 'my hometown' and the beatles 'in my life' on repeat. im only half joking. this post reminds me 'in my life' so much.

very poignant.

also, id love to hear daniel stern reading this post, a la the wonder years.

Jeannie said...

damn. i hoped to go to joe-jah with you one day... this is all very sad.

HugeRash said...

now that my family is moving there won't be much reason for me to be in or around snellville either. and i'll miss the familiarity of hwy 78, driving by the empty ingles parking lot and wondering how they manage to stay open after all these years, and remembering who use to live where and the ghosts of what we use to do as i would zip by all those side streets off of annistown road.