They're Alive!

I have successfully germinated seeds! Well, they have successfully germinated themselves in my apartment... I tried two different methods: 1.Dropping the seeds in potting soil at the correct depth and 2. folding the seeds up in a wet paper towel and sticking that into a plastic bag. The soil method worked the best, although the paper towel studies were transferred to soil this past weekend and seem to be doing well.

As you can see here the Bachelor Buttons are currently the most progressive while the Sweet Basil is just now starting to peek through the soil. // edit// Ha! I forgot to mention the Forget-me-nots. It was an accident, I swear.

The tomato sprouts are more sparse than the others. I forget what the seeds look like now. Wishing I would have recorded that step at this point. Note to self: record everything. Anyway, I think the tomato plant will need extra encouragement.


Jeannie said...

rah rah TOMATO! you're my favorite!!

HugeRash said...

after witnessing your many attempts at growing some herbs, it's nice to see some signs of promise.