Holocaust Comic

// replaced image with English version// Mr. Augner, the schoolteacher, echoed Ms. Harms’s recollection: “Teachers with good will used to make German children feel it was somehow their fault, that they had a weight on their shoulders. The war was still a fresh wound.” This new comic book, he added, speaks to “a different generation of students. It teaches the subject,” he continued, ”so that it’s no longer just about victims and perpetrators.”-NYT
Thanks Bean


Jeannie said...

beautiful comic...
like the colors.
also trying to fill in the words with my own humorous non- pc words.
in high school next to the foreign language classes was a huge poster with the title - german!: you may know more words than you think. (or something). and it was all about how german looks and sounds a lot like english so it was really "easy" to learn. i find this comic does not prove this theory.
still enjoyable nonetheless.

Gina Kay said...

oops I meant to post the English version. check it now :)