Not Quite Ourselves

Last night Santi and I made portraits of each other. Neither quite hit the mark of what we really look like. However convenient, I am tallying one for the process. Stepping back I find it amusing both that we critique but also that we even try. I've heard a thousand comments on my work and my person and probably handed out double that for others. I have friends devastated by negative feedback and have been subjected to those took their first compliments and ran. Its hard to know how to filter these effects. They are everything and then not much but they are rarely what we intended. And maybe this is creativity. -Yes I know I just dorked out and that is why you love me.... you do don't you?


metempsychosis said...

Of course I love you. Also, I wanted to say that for whatever reason, the wording of this post is really nice. I always enjoy what you've got to say, but this is just a really elegant stroke of the digital pen here babe.

Gina Kay said...

wow... thank you :)