Weekend: Deitch

Went to both Deitch galleris on Saturday.
When I first walked into the space, before I saw anything, I noted the smell of bananas. That all made sense when we walked into the main room. There stood Sagmeister, being interviewed as he faced a giant inflatible white ape con banana-lined wall. There was also some thoughful (visually and conceptually) words, some of which I posted previously and some new. Overall I have to say Sag seems like the the white knight of designers. All of his message are honest and positive and completely unique.
Michel Gondry filled the space with low budget movie sets in honor of his new release "Be Kind Rewind". There were also 2 workshop areas for people to collaborate in writing a script.
Later that evening we saw the movie. I left with the overall sense that it wasn't fantastic, but mind you, I laughed through most of it. And it was cute and creative and sweet and unpretentious.
Anyhow, I am off once again. Somehow through the past decade of yogamania I have managed not to take even one class. Today, all this ends.

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