Conway + Young

Conway and Young are offering room and board for your artist talent.

Having converted our under stairs cupboard in to a bed, we invite people to stay for one night and two days in the cupboard to make work in response to their experience.
Rules of the Residency
Residencies held at 254 Coronation Road are for the period of two days and one night.
We will provide you with your meals and bedding. You can use the house and garden as you wish but you must sleep in the under stairs closet where you will be accompanied by a radio. The work you produce whilst completing the residency must be site specific. Your piece(s) of work can be anything; a song, script, poem, drawing, film, sculpture, performance, painting, photograph, a record of an installation etc. Because we are renting our accommodation we ask that the work you produce is removable. To celebrate the end of your residency the work you produce will be exhibited in the shop window. You must leave something at the end of your residency as a mark of you having taken part. Before you leave please place an entry in the guest book, you must include the date of your residency and your contact details.
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