Weekend: Awesomeness

I had one of the best weekends....that I can think of right now, since like, childhood. Maybe that one day when I was 6 and I spent the entire day in my tire swing after a tee ball tournament was better, but I can't be sure.
This weekend was spent helping some friends make an animation/music video. There was some stop animation of people with a digital camera and then at leasts 3 2.5 min. reels of 8mm film shot outside at the Giglio Festival in Williamsburg. This included a lot of Italian men carrying a giant Catholic obelisk-like structure down the streets.
These are some digital shots of the carnival from the ferris wheel.


bean said...

that sounds awesome :)

and i cant believe ive never seen this festival?! it looks like a live version of mario party!

Jeannie said...

i was wondering how they carried that thing around! supposed to be like two tons or something crazy. i'm so glad you got to go. i still haven't been.
looks awesome