Weekend: Yonder

I finally went camping! I have been talking about wanting to go for months now. However, I am not exactly the camping type. I mean I know how to put up a tent, and start a fire(with charcoal of course) but to put things into perspective for you, I also brought my razor and foundation(makeup). Ahem, cause a lady is always prepared. Anyway, lucky for me I found a willing soul with the same experience and blind ambition for adventure. Originally we were going to camp out in the "wilderness" of Fire Island, a skinny strip off of Long Island, NY.Click image to enlarge

When we first called they said the camp sites were full for the weekend but that we could walk out a few miles and set up camp where ever we found a clearing. Now... when we got there Ranger Smith informed us that not only was it the worst time for mosquitoes but we also had to be very careful of ticks....especially the deer tick. And that 50% of all Fire Island ticks were deer ticks. They were the very ticks that carry lyme disease.... and 50% of the deer tick population was carrying the disease... And there was an 100% chance that we would get some kind of tick on us when we went into the wilderness because of all the grass and dunes we had to walk through. Of course, the campsites didn't possess these same tick threats. Immediately my new favorite camping buddy managed to get us a campsite. Whew! We bought peel-back-lid cans of fruit. Emptied the fruit out for breakfast. Then filled the cans with water and set them over our flame on the grill. Next dropped eggs in to cook. Camping buddy designed a soft boiled egg holder and opened the eggs with his trusty scissors. Unfortunately we found ourselves without the scissors when it was time to divide the soap for showers. So camping buddy drilled a hole in the soap with a pen, thus making easily halved.
So, armed with a pen, scissors and a bottle of sake we braved the weekend in one of the most lovely landscapes I've seen, all of a 3 min walk from the beach.
There was lots of beach art that was really quite interesting
I will post some non-cell-phone-photos soon.


Jeannie said...

looks like the perfect weekend and then some!

metempsychosis said...

I once brought a pair of real police issue handcuffs to a party on fire island, I think this was around 1987 or so. Then I left with the keys but not the cuffs. The parents of the boy (also the hosts of the party) who found said instruments were not pleased with my forgetfulness.