Happy Birthday!

Too my super-talented, super-sweet friend, Brandon.


bean said...

before a few years ago, if you had ever told me that id meet a dude who was sometimes referred to as 'brando,' id conclude he was a clown of the highest order (that's a four red-nose clown). b/c there was only one BRANDO. but apparently i was wrong. there are two. (one being dead of course.) the pt is, the living one is a worthy successor. and im sure he'll take it as the compliment it is.

(just dont balloon to 300 lbs when you're in your golden years.)

Jeannie said...

b is also for booze, bubbles, bubkus, balloons, ballet, birthday, baking, butter, brisket, bunts, and butt. all of which remind me of brandon.

brando said...

B is for best buds who write great comments about you on your birthday.

T is for Thank You.