It was Jane's (bosslady's) birthday last Friday so I made her this construction paper-scaled card.
I wanna make shelves for my room. Ideally, I will find wood. Not because I don't want to buy but I like the idea of recycling. I also like the idea of making something like shelves and making them well so that I can hang onto them. Then I will have a little piece of Williamsburg, Brooklyn where ever I go. And if I don't go anywhere then I will have a piece of time frozen to hold my sweaters. Anyhoo, I love the faded blue of the police barricades. There has been two of them laying on the sidewalk near my apt. for the past week. In my blissful youth I wouldn't have thought twice about permanently borrowing them. Alas, with age comes reason and a chilling fear of a NY jail cell. And whatevs, I am not crazy about the white stencil type either.

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