We're All Delirious

Thoughts on three neighboring buildings(c. 1910) in New York:

"The Flatiron's mere multiplication lacks meaning; the Metropolitan Life Building has meaning, but it is compromised by the contradicition between its pretense of isolation and the reality of its location on just one of many plots on the same block, each poised to steal its thunder; and Madison Square Garden cannot make enough money to justify the extravagance of its metaphors.
But when the three are put together their weaknesses become strengths: the Tower lends meaning to the multiplication, the multiplication pays for the metaphors on the ground floor, and the conquest of the block assures the Tower isolation as sole occupant of its island.
The true Skyscraper is the product of this triple fusion." - Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York

I believe, this idea serves serveral other relationships.

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