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So, I lost an iridescent light and gained a fluorescent. I can't say that I was altogether excited about the change in my hallway lighting but seeing as I had no choice I have been looking at ways to embrace it. For one, I will be saving energy. ummm I could also look into the cool color covers.. possibly add more fluorescents and do a little piece...ahemMy old light cover does make a cute potter, no? Also, last post I told you I would figure out what all the plants are but that was a lie. Yeah... so deal with that. I have no clue what the above plant is.

Basil & Chives
Tts been a month since i have given you an update on the plants. It killing you, right? If you are just now joining us, allow me to explain.left is basil. right is tomato
For the past two years(more than that if you count all failed attempts *sigh*) I have been nurturing various plant specimen from seed to their eventual decay. Last year I had a great quantity in terms of plant count and size of plant. This year I did more pruning and paid closer attention to watering needs. The chives survived this year and I think the key was less water. The basil leave are a big and the green darker, whereas last year the plant shape was larger and the leaves were smaller and pale.from left to right: vine and basil, sweet potato, thyme
I think this is due to giving the roots to each individual plant plenty of room. sweet potato
I have also been using fertilizer. Also this potato has been in water about a week.

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Jeannie said...

why oh why do i kill all plants! i love yours. so proud! like an auntie.